Press Release 9-11-13


As announced on Facebook earlier this week, Cody Canada and The Departed vocalist/guitarist Seth James has confirmed that his last show with the band will be November 23 at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, TX.

Despite that fact, fans have a lot to look forward to in the next few months. The Departed will continue to tour heavily as a four-piece band. They are also writing new songs and have plans to record a new studio album in early 2014.

“No one will be standing in Seth’s place,” Canada says. “There is no need to try to replace one of the best guitar players ever.”

Canada also says that while the band is not planning to continue playing the songs sung by James on their recent album ‘Adventus’ live, he and keyboardist Steve Littleton will handle all of the lead instrument parts. Following James’ departure, Canada says the band’s live set will include more songs from the catalogue of his former band, Cross Canadian Ragweed. James will continue to perform at all dates leading up to his final show. See below for a list of upcoming tour dates.

While his work with The Departed will continue moving full-steam ahead, Canada has also confirmed a late November release (exact date TBA) for a new solo acoustic album titled ‘Some Old, Some New, Maybe A Cover Or Two,’ which was recorded live this summer at Third Coast Music in Port Aransas, TX.

As the title suggests, the acoustic album will feature songs from throughout Canada’s career, including old Cross Canadian Ragweed favorites along with songs he wrote with The Departed. See below for a full track listing.

As they move forward, The Departed have issued their “one hundred percent support” for James’ decision. “Whatever path he chooses, we’ve got his back. And we know he’ll have ours,” the band said in a statement. “We will rock on as a four-piece playing old tunes, new tunes, our tunes, and other people’s tunes. It’s what we do.”

“Seth will be truly missed out here. We wish him all the luck and we will be at his shows,” Canada says. “You’ve gotta do what feels good for your own good. I love the man, no matter what band he’s in.”

In a statement on his Facebook page, James explains his decision to leave the band:

“After three years of great times and great music, I have decided to take a step down as a band member of the Departed. It has been an unbelievable ride and I am so grateful for the support and love along the way. My last show will be November 23 at Gruene Hall. I look forward to supporting these guys alongside you as they continue down the road.”


1. If You’re Ever In Oklahoma
2. Down
3. Breakdown
4. 250,000 Things To Do
5. Ruby Ridge
6. Pay
7. 17
8. Record Exec
9. Harvest Moon
10. Bluebonnets
11. 51 Pieces
12. Constantly
13. Flowers
14. Cold Hard Fact
15. Dead Man
16. Broken
17. Brooklyn Kid
18. Damned Old Happy Times
19. Unwound

9/12 – Denton, TX @ Rockin’ Rodeo
9/13 – Tahlequah, OK @ Medicine Stone at Diamond Head Resort
9/14 – Brenham, TX @ Washington County Fair
9/18 – Little Rock, AR @ Revolution Music Room
9/19 – Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge (Americana Music Festival)
9/20 – Wichita Falls, TX @ Iron Horse Pub
9/21 – Davis, OK @ Arbuckle Ballroom
9/22 – League City, TX @ Boogie Blues & Brews Fest
9/25 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Jupiter Bar & Grill
9/26 – Auburn, AL @ War Eagle Supper Club
9/27 – Winston-Salem, NC @ Ziggy’s
9/28 – Charlotte, NC @ The Chop Shop
9/29 – Raleigh, NC @ Southland Ballroom
9/30 – Washington, DC @ Hill Country BBQ
10/1 – Knoxville, TN @ Blackstock Exchange
10/2 – Atlanta, GA @ Smith’s Olde Bar
10/3 – Hattiesburg, MS @ Brewsky’s
10/4 – Ben Wheeler, TX @ Moore’s Store
10/5 – Hempstead, TX @ Waller County Fair
10/11 – Paris, TX @ Three Brothers Drafthouse
10/12 – Tyler, TX @ Festival on the Square
10/18 – McKinney, TX @ Hank’s Texas Grill
10/19 – Gilmer, TX @ East Texas Yamboree
10/23 – Austin, TX @ Antone’s

Both Sides Of The Story

Been a great one, folks. Playing gigs with Jason is seriously an old pair of shoes. There are songs I completely forgot about. I also forgot Jason and Plato are the only people I feel like I can sing harmony with. There hasn’t been a bad night. California reunited us with original Wormy Dog folks. Arizona was rowdy, but we tamed the beast. The highway has introduced me to so many awesome folks. I’m truly blessed. Two more of these shows then back on our beloved spaceship to play a couple shows then home to our babies. I can smell my house from here.
Smile. It looks good on you.

Braun Brother Reunion 2013 – Challis, ID

The Braun Brothers Reunion this year was another one for the books, folks. Wade, Randy, Turnpike, Suzy Boggus, Red Volkaert, Dale Watson, No Justice, Todd Snider and of course Micky and the Motorcars, Reckless, Muzzie and family. They always make us feel like we’re family. Because we are. If we didn’t play that gig I’d be there anyway. I saw Todd on Conan back in 94 when I was 17 and it changed my way of music…for the better. I caught numerous shows through out the years but this time Todd let us back him up as a band. Hopefully there will be more in the future. Seems like a blur.
Shannon and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on Saturday this year. Mr. Barry Cooper made us steak and potatoes for our anniversary dinner. Honestly, that was the best anniversary dinner ever. Our Cali friends celebrated theirs the next day., and a happy birthday to Mr. Cooper on that Monday.
Great friends, great tunes, great dancing, great food, great memories.
Until next year Challis.
Muzz and Joanne, our love runs very deep.
Next year watch out…the Canada boys are coming with us.


BBR Camp

July happenings…

Colorado has always been a great spot and it didn’t disappoint this time. Perfect weather and old friends for the 4th of July! Thank you folks. We ended that run with our old friends the Toadies.

Plato,Tony Gates (Texas music t.v. Fame) and myself lost our minds at that show. What a band. THAT’S Texas music!

We just got home from a short run that ended in Maryville,Tn. I can’t tell you how much Scott and company mean to us. From Ragweed to the Departed they’ve been top notch folks. Please have us back. I’m gonna rest up with the family for a few days and get ready for this acoustic record I’m recording live in Port A in the 27th. Old song and new songs folks. Why??? Because I can!
Peace and Love

July13.2013 July13..2013 July4.2013

And the tour goes on…

It seems like we haven’t stopped since Cali….wait..we haven’t.
Kicked off this run with our friends at dulling hall in Jackson. Rob Baird opened that gig and Memphis.great clubs and Mr. Baird does it right. Great dude and great musician.
Stopped off in ozark Arkansas for thunder on the mountain. Same grounds as Wakarusa so it was familiar. Got to see Todd Snider with Reckless, Aaron Watson and my friend Clint. Pretty good start of the day. Todd was spot on as usual. Made for a good set for us. Nothing quite as Inspiring as a TS show. Closed out the music with a jam with Reckless Kelly. So yeah….that day kicked ass.
Gonna rest with the fam for a couple days. Check out our new departed app.

Donations and celebrations…

Oh California! That was fun! We promise it won’t be as long between tours next time. We’re shooting for 6 months from now. Thanks to all our friends out there spreading the word. Weather was great and so are the gifts you brought us. Lets keep building it. What do ya say? Couple days off and back to the grind now. We’re deeply saddened by the tornado tragedy in Oklahoma. I may live in Texas now but my Okie blood runs deep and red. We will make it our mission to raise awareness for shelters in schools. We have friends that lost loved ones and homes. Whatever we need to do to help, you know we will. Stay tuned for a benefit concert. Not a little one a big one. On another note Seth and I celebrate our birthdays on Friday at Billy Bobs and Saturday in Eufaula. So…..hangovers will happen. We will be taking donations for tornado relief at the office. Please contact 36D management for details. We will also be selling our new Oklahoma shirts with 100% going to the recovery efforts. I believe Jason Boland is doing the same. Please keep Oklahoma in your prayers good people. As always we love all of you.
I’m getting old


Go West Young Man

Headed West for the first time in over two years. I’d say it’s well past time. Lots of folks asking about certain areas that we aren’t making this trip, but we promise it’ll happen soon. Our old friends in Cali and Az…..been awhile. Cali holds a special place in my heart because of family but it also has a special place because bands from our area don’t make it out there that much. Robert Earl took us to the west the first time and got his crowd turned onto our music. If Robert digs it then you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting his fans to your show. Thanks REK. Forever in debt sir. With that all being said….we’ve got new songs, current songs, really new songs, old songs and some Todd Snider tunes we’re practicing live for our August Challis gig with him and we will have some new ones come out of our west coast run. So come on Cali and Az make this trip worth leaving home for two weeks.
Peace and LoveIMG_5103

Great weekend with old friends! Bryan,Texas Grand Stafford is an excellent venue! We played with our friends, Folk Family Revival. Great band. Check it. Bryan/College Station always has a place in my heart. Great people there! Saturday brought us together with The Trishas, Thieving Birds and Robert Earl Keen and his band. Bill Whitbeck got up and played harmonica on the song he and Seth wrote, “Hobo”, and knocked it out of the park my friends. Plato and I stood by the trailer with some cold ones and felt like teenagers again. Always good for the soul to hear those tunes. Oh….and it was 4/20 so… was a happy holiday. Look forward to playing music with real musicians again soon.

It’s the little things…

This past week out had us braving 50 degree temps with 30 mph wind at the Central TX Speedway, to dust bowl-like conditions in a field in Midland, to an indoor/outdoor festival at a Burger Joint in San Antonio, finally coming to rest on the super lush green grass of a beautiful baseball stadium in Roundrock. It seems as though we hit 2 of the 4 seasons, without ever crossing the state line. All in all, we got to play with more than 20 different bands, hearing some good music, catching up with friends we haven’t seen lately, raising money for charity, and most importantly, we changed some lives for the better. As for the first show already mentioned, standing up on that stage looking at those folks standing cold in the crowd, was inspiring to me, that even as unpleasant the conditions were, and I’m sure it did keep some folks away, everyone had a great time and really had our backs on that one. The effort you all put in to us, such as the countless hours and many miles of travel to get to the shows, days of vacation taken-leaving those co-workers behind, and just simply spending your hard earned money to make it all possible can be more than overwhelming to us all. Those bearing gifts of food and drink- without metioning any names here, you know who you are, but you always bring a little of that ever needed home to us out on the road, and for that, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. None of this is possible without you all. It’s the little things that can leave the biggest impact on our lives. See you down the road………elstevo